Pesco Energy is one of Lebanon’s Leading Energy Service Companies (ESCOs). It is a member of the Debbane Saikali Group, a business with over twenty companies active in various sectors and industries covering a geographical presence that spans the MENA region.

Our Mission

To help businesses save money by reducing their energy bills without compromising on productivity or comfort.

Our Vision

To have a cleaner and greener planet by promoting energy conservation.


Our Competitive Edge

We only engage in projects where there is a clear and appealing business case for our customers. What makes our value proposition unique is that we quantify the energy conservation works and most importantly the savings that will be generated thereafter. These figures are then shown in a Cash Flow from which the customer can readily determine if the Payback period and Return on Investment are interesting enough to proceed. It is a real win-win situation because unless the customer makes significant savings on his annual energy bill there is no business case for Pesco Energy.
We are Different and what sets us apart from others is the concept of a comprehensive and holistic approach with a performance-based agreement where the promised results are proven.
We are Independent and brand agnostic. We are not tied to any manufacturer or supplier. This gives us the advantage, privilege, and flexibility to provide our clients with the products that meet their exact needs.


Our Services

    Pesco Energy conducts a walk through in the customer's premises in order to study the  existing systems and install smart meters to monitor and analyze the facility's energy consumption and therefore identify potential savings. Accordingly an energy audit report that includes the recommended energy conservation measures, a feasibility study, and a financial proposition is submitted to the customer.

    • LED Lighting Retrofit with Presence & Motion Detectors
    • Power Factor Correction
    • Phase Balancing & Installation Enhancement
    • Control & Automation
    • Demand Side Management
    • Photovoltaic Installations
    • Solar Heater Installations (Solar Panels)
    • Variable Frequency Drives
    • HVAC Optimization (Boilers & Air Conditioning Enhancement)
    • Alternative Heat Sources (Biomass Boilers, Heat Pumps, etc…)
    • Building Envelope Enhancement
    • Heat Recovery

    Pesco Energy offers within its scope of work an awareness campaign to the staff of its customers. This promotes energy efficient behavior and supplements the implemented ECMs. We also guide our customers to an ISO 50001 Certification by enabling the management to follow a systematic approach in achieving continual improvement of energy performance.


  •     World Energy Congress - China, 2014

  •     Beirut Energy Forum, 2014

  •     Beirut Energy Forum, 2015

  •     FOSTEr in MED Capitalization Conference and B2B, 2015




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Contact Us

Address : Tannous Tower Building, 4th Floor, Dora Highway, Lebanon

Telephone:  00961 1 252888 | 00961 1 251111 ext: 280, 281

Email: sales@pesco-energy.com